Research indicates that a combination of academics, cultural and social enrichment activities, and a healthy lifestyle improves student achievement significantly as compared to academics alone. In an effort to best equip our student participants for success, the MIHILOV Foundation provides a holistic approach to learning and civic engagement.

Students are provided a safe and supportive environment for learning and engagement with peer mentors between the hours of 3pm - 6pm-the time of day when youth violence, drug use and other delinquent behaviors typically occur.

There are 5 primary core areas that comprise the MIHILOV Foundation programs:

Academic Enrichment : provides students with assistance in their academic work, particularly in core subjects, and enhances what they are already learning during the regular school day. The Mihilov Foundation works with community partners and corporate sponsors to obtain gently used computers. The devices are refurbished and distributed to local schools to assist children from low-income families in bridging the technology divide. Corporate partnerships facilitate training programs for students, teachers, and community leaders supplying the local economy with in-demand technology skills. Fledgling businesses created from the programs participate in a mentored incubator process. Graduates become profitable contributors to the neighborhoods inspiring future growth.

Social/Cultural Enrichment : provides children with unique, experiential-based opportunities to develop extracurricular talents and build their social, artistic, and emotional skills.

Health and Wellness : focuses on a range of structured physical activities and nutritional education that teach young people about the importance of healthy living and the impact this has on their mind, body and spiritual development. 

Skills Training : provides opportunities for participants to gain valuable professional development skills that will equip them for their future success (e.g. resume writing, interview skills, computer skills training).

Career Development : provides an opportunity for students to gain valuable knowledge about entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and leadership development.

The overall goal of the programs and services offered through MIHILOV is to help program participants realize their potential and to also help them understand their responsibility to also give back to others.