We have cultivated close relationships with local schools, community organizations and other nonprofits and businesses which has allowed us to provide a multitude of services that are adapt to the needs of the people that we serve. We believe that only through these types of partnerships can long-lasting and sustainable progress be made in the lives of individuals, families, and also with communities.

The Seven Pillars of MIHILOV:

The word MIHILOV is based on an acronym that was created by Mr. Isaac Mann, Founder and President of the nonprofit organization by the same name. Mr. Mann used this motivational acronym as the basis for directing the transformative changes in his own life over the years.  Through his non-profit organization, Mr. Mann has the hope that program participants will be encouraged to use the 7 pillars of MIHILOV as they think strive to create change in their own lives.

The Seven Pillars of MIHILOV are the key steps to living with victory. Below are the 7 pillars 

M= Mindful 

I= Ingenuity 

H= Humble 

I= Integrity 

L= Love

O= Obedient 

V= Victory